Professional Learning Mathematics Coach (4-8)
Job Title: Professional Learning Mathematics Coach (4-8)
Location: Professional Learning
Nature of Position: This position is responsible for developing and implementing a multifaceted set of programs and activities to build the capacity of the school and teachers in the area of mathematics to meet the learning needs and achievement of all students.
Reports To: Director, Professional Learning and Employee Development
Salary Range: $39,141 (Minimum)

Bachelor’s degree in education from an accredited college or university

Advanced degree in mathematics or math education

Experience, Skill, Know-How and Certification:

• Certificated for middle school mathematics

• Three or more years of experience teaching middle school mathematics

• Demonstrable ability to improve student achievement in the classroom

• Skills in collecting, analyzing and using student achievement data to develop and enhance the math curriculum

• Demonstrable skills in oral and written communications, interpersonal relations, team leadership, problem solving, organization, and project management

• Ability to design and deliver (individually or in collaboration with others) high quality training for teachers/school staff

• Demonstrable knowledge of Georgia Performance Standards for Math and support classes

• Skills in implementing standards-based instruction

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Works collaboratively with teachers, other instructional staff, administrators, community members, and any other relevant service providers to improve student achievement.

2. Develops, delivers and facilitates high quality professional development based on needs determined through analysis of data at the school, working with teachers (in teams or individually) to refine their knowledge and skills and meet identified needs.

3. Works with teachers in the implementation of activities that develop problemsolving and higher-order thinking skills.

4. Models exemplary lessons for teachers. Creates webinars as models for best practices.

5. Instructs administrators and teachers in the use of assessment results to improve the instructional program.

6. Monitors instructional effectiveness and student progress using tools and strategies gained through professional development.

7. Instructs and assists teachers in implementing effective teaching strategies so that all learners have access to rigorous content.

8. Assists with the Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program (GaTAPP)/THRIVE as needed.

9. Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization.

Terms of Employment: Incumbents will receive an annual contract. The work calendar will be 200 days. Salary will be determined based on level of certification and allowable experience.
Closing Date: Until Filled
Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools does not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability in any employment practice, educational program, or any other program, activity or service.
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